We are making a difference

The quantity of medals compares nothing to the quality of individuals who have emerged from the National Academy and the distance group since the day Greg Lautenslager stepped onto the Nelson athletics track in 2002. The Academy has produced a New Zealand Olympian, national champions, and a slew of national medallists. More important are the hundreds of athletes who have been a part of this running group, learning the essential life skills – hard work, commitment, dedication, teamwork, discipline – that have led to healthy, productive lives. Academy runners have gone on to win school honours, earn university degrees and become doctors, lawyers, school teachers, bankers, pharmacists, designers, and excellent parents. They make an impact on society and inspire others to do the same. That is major focus of the National Academy of Distance Running.

“Through Greg’s guidance and encouragement I have not only learned to become a better athlete but also a
well-rounded individual with practical skills that are invaluable for academic, career, and life success.”
                                                              -Matt Thirkettle, PhD Candidate in economics at Cornell University

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