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The Turbo Programme

The “Turbo” training programme is the foundation of the National Academy of Distance Running. This programme provides the essential elements around which the personalised programmes are written, goals set and performances measured.


This is the entry level for the Academy training programme.

An athlete joins the programme and comes to training at his/her own will. They are not set any prescribed programme and simply do whatever training run or workout that is scheduled for that day. These athletes are under no obligation to race but are encouraged to do so.

This level is primarily designed for secondary school athletes who have recently been accepted into the National Academy of Distance Running and who are keen to learn how to train and race.


These are athletes who have consistently come to training and have demonstrated the dedication, commitment, and desire to develop into a national-class runner.
These athletes are given a prescribed programme geared toward national events and are expected to follow the programme and compete in the meets.
Generally, this level can be achieved after the first six months of joining the Academy but can be achieved earlier upon an athlete’s insistence.


At this level athletes have developed into national-class runners.

They have dropped all other sports and activities that might interfere with training and racing and they attend all workouts and races. These athletes are given personally prescribed programmes geared toward national events and they are required to follow these programmes and compete in meets.

Athletes on this level have demonstrated the potential to make national teams and earn University scholarships.


A Turbo Elite athlete is or has demonstrated the potential to develop into a world-class runner with the aim of competing in the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and Olympic Games.

These athletes are given a prescribed programme and are required to attend all training sessions. A domestic and international competition calendar will be set for each athlete.

Turbo Elite athletes are professional runners and will make personal and work sacrifices for the chance of reaching their full potential as a distance runner.