The best way to treat a cold

The best way to treat a cold is don’t get one in the first place.  Ann Landers, the famed newspaper columnist, said she chewed a clove of garlic everyday for 20 years and never got sick. I chewed a clove of garlic everyday for nine months during my build-up for the 1992 U.S. Olympic Trials and never got sick.  I am not a regular garlic chewer now, but when I feel a cold coming on, I chew garlic and wake up without a cold most of the time.

The problem with garlic is the bad breath it gives you.  Try chewing parsley or resort to the garlic and parsley tablets. I find the actual garlic cloves to be the best.  Also, take a good multi-vitamin and vitamin C.  Boost up your vitamin C if you feel yourself coming down with something.

A big myth is that you get a cold by being cold. Actually, you get a cold from the germs transported from someone else.  Avoid shaking hands or kissing someone with a cold. Wash your hands with hot sudsy water in the bathroom, wipe your hands on a clean towel, and avoid touching the toilet seat and the door handle.  When you get rundown, you are more susceptible to illness. That’s because your body’s defenses are weak and can’t fight the germs.  Rest, therefore, is crucial.  The reason most children get sick more during the school year than the summer holidays is simply because they are around other kids – and their germs – more in school.

Next week I will write about what to do if you do get a cold.