TIP OF THE WEEK – October 8, 2012

We’ll say you have a cold.  You took the garlic, vitamins, got plenty of rest. But the germs were too overpowering. Now you have a sore throat, phlegm, sneezing, coughing, head congestion, the works.

Take off two weeks until the symptoms subside? No.

First, stay away from all dairy products – milk, eggs, cheese, butter. Stay away from all junk food – chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. Stay away from soft drinks and alcohol. These are all mucous forming.  You have to get all the crap out of your system or it will make you more congested and take longer to get you well.  The less crap you put into your system, the less crap that has to go out of your system.

Next, take in lots of hot herbal tea and double your intake of vitamin C. Flush your system with water and freshly squeezed orange juice. Also, get plenty of rest.

Go for a run?  Yes, but only easier running at first. No running if you feel really bad.  Actually, the easy runs will help get all the junk out of your system.  Also, don’t try to make up for lost time during your illness. Just gradually get back on your program.

Be very careful if you are on any kind of anti-biotics or other drugs.  I rarely take any medication when I have a cold.  Of course with the garlic, vitamin C, rest, and wearing a mask around my children, I can’t remember my last cold.